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Created on 2013-08-14 04:20:58 (#2067705), last updated 2016-05-04 (75 weeks ago)

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Name:Blind Go
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Community description:Hikaru no Go

Blind GO!

[community profile] blind_go is a guess-the-writer challenge for Hikaru no Go, patterned along the lines of [profile] subrosa_tennis. Writers will submit fics that will be posted anonymously, and members of the community will attempt to identify the authors based on writing style.

Current round: 015: Foreign Players!

Current round is complete. See reveal for details!


Send a PM (Ver or Akichan), or email (Ver or Akichan) to one of the mods. Thank you!

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anonymity, ashiwara hiroyuki, challenges, fanfic, fanfiction, fic, fujiwara no sai, fukui yuta, guessing games, hikaru no go, hong suyong, honinbou shuusaku, iijima ryo, isumi shinichiro, kaneko masako, kishimoto kaoru, ko yongha, kurata atsushi, kuwabara honinbou, le ping, mitani yuuki, morishita shigeo, nase asumi, ochi kousuke, ogata seiji, oka, saeki kouji, shindou hikaru, shouji, tetsuo kaga, torajiro, touya akiko, touya akira, touya kouyo, touya meijin, tsutsui kimihiro, waya yoshitaka, writing, yang hai, yashiro kiyoharu, zhao shi
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