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Okay guys, now it's time for the reveal of Mini-Round 006: Non-Fic! Even though this was a super quick mini-round right after a bunch of other challenges, our creators still managed to turn out plenty of great stuff. Impressive work, everyone! So, without further ado...

Our Creators!

Let's go!

[personal profile] verloren1983
A Special Note

[personal profile] flonnebonne
Hand of God

[personal profile] meguri_aite / izumisays

[personal profile] onkoona
Trust Me


[personal profile] coffee_flowers
Hikago Character Backgrounds

S.A.I. Ghost In The Machine

Thank you to everyone for such a great round!

Best Guesser
Congratulations to [personal profile] chagrined with 3 correct out of a possible 5 (60%)! Honorable mention goes to [personal profile] flonnebonne with a still admirable 1 correct out of a possible 8 guesses (12.5%).

ID Challenge
Congratulations to [personal profile] chagrined , who correctly guessed that this round's IDs were famous Japanese artists! Great job!

Feedback Challenge
Congratulations to [personal profile] trixie_chick who commented to 8 pieces! Honorable mention is a tie between [personal profile] flonnebonne and [personal profile] meguri_aite , who each commented to 3 pieces!

For this round, as usual, there will be some kind of graphic prize that Ver will figure out later, but probably a small banner. Winners should contact Ver through PM or email with the picture they would like used for their banner(s) attached (or at least an idea of which character is their favorite or something like that). Ver will get those out as soon as she can. Congrats!

ONCE AGAIN, a huge THANK YOU to all participants, whether through creating, viewing, listening, commenting, cheering, chatting... [community profile] blind_go wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you! <3 This special round was a lot of fun and we will definitely do this again sometime! (*cough*hopefullywithmoretime*cough*) September will be here before we all know it, so expect to see the sign-up post for that soon! See you then!
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Are you guys ready for some non-fic? We're totally ready for some non-fic! For this extra special mini-round, we have 9 submissions by 8 creators. Please remember that there are no rating restrictions, so submissions may or may not be safe for work. Keep that in mind before opening anything in a public place.

Our Creators!
meguri_aite / izumisays

Our Submissions!


Let's go!


A Special Note



Hand of God




Trust Me




Hikago Character Backgrounds


S.A.I. Ghost In The Machine

Please leave your guesses as comments to this post in the following format:

[ID] creator's LJ/DW name

You don't need to guess for all the submissions, only as many as you can figure out. You also don't need to leave all your guesses in one comment; you can comment with additional guesses. However, you can only guess one creator for each piece. In the case where you've changed your guess, the latest guess will be the one considered. You don't need to be a member of this community to guess!

All guesses will be screened to avoid unduly influencing other people with your opinions. You are free to post public speculations in your own LJ/DW but please try to avoid doing so in [community profile] blind_go itself or in individual posts in [personal profile] answer_key. The guessing period will close on August 11th at 9 p.m.

Please see this link for clarification on guessing. Some tips on how to get started on the guessing process can be found here.

Happy hunting!!

Remember, you are encouraged to constructively comment to submissions - anonymously, and with your author IDs. In fact, the authors are really hoping you will!!

Please comment to this screened post...

⇒ if your name appears or does not appear on the creator's list in error.
⇒ if there are any mistakes in the links.
⇒ if there are any mistakes in the posts- if formatting was included or specified, we did our best to include it as written, but Ver sucks at html and mistakes may have been made, for which she apologizes ahead of time.
⇒ with the names of people who are not allowed to guess for your submission (e.g. betas, friends whom you've discussed it with, people whom you've verified your ID for in facilitation of your own guessing post, etc.).
with your guesses!!

Enjoy, and thank you!!


Jul. 28th, 2014 09:54 pm
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Hey, guys! Just a reminder that submissions for the current mini-round are due in ONE WEEK. If you're intending to submit and haven't started yet, you might want to get on that. ^_~
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 Hi everyone! Did you miss us? We missed you~ :D So just in case you're craving some more Hikago this summer, we have a little something for you to scratch that itch: a mini-round!

It's special even for a mini-round and we're totally psyched about it, check out the details below!

**EDIT: After some input, there have been a few changes and clarifications in the post. Please make sure you double check it before sending in any submissions!**

Get more info! )


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