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 Hi everyone! Did you miss us? We missed you~ :D So just in case you're craving some more Hikago this summer, we have a little something for you to scratch that itch: a mini-round!

It's special even for a mini-round and we're totally psyched about it, check out the details below!

**EDIT: After some input, there have been a few changes and clarifications in the post. Please make sure you double check it before sending in any submissions!**

What's It About?
☀ Non-fic! You want to draw something? Fantastic! You want to make icons, banners, or wallpapers? Fabulous! You want to make an FST? Wonderful! You want to make plushies and take photos of them in compromising positions? Great! Basically, anything that is not fic- hence the name- is acceptable for this challenge.

☀ Podfic is being included as "fic" and will therefore NOT be accepted in submissions.

☀ There is no overall theme this time- creator's choice. So do whatever your little heart desires!

☀ All pieces will be due by August 4th, at 9pm EST. Anything submitted after this time will not be posted. Submissions not received by the deadline cannot be added in afterward because this is a blind challenge, so the late added submission and creator would obviously be paired together. Thank you for your understanding.

☀ Submissions will be posted to [community profile] blind_go  as soon as possible after the deadline.

☀ Sign-ups are not required for this mini-round. If you have an idea at the last minute, go for it!

☀ Email all work to be submitted to

☀ Work should be attached or a link should be included to the piece. The mods will reupload your work to the BG photobucket account for posting.

☀ Please do not include any identifying information in your filenames! Just the name of the submission should be sufficient.

☀ In the subject line of the email, please include:
- Media Type (Art/Icons/FST/AMV/Podfic/etc.)

- Title

☀ In the body of the email, please include:

- Title:

- DW/LJ username (or whatever you'd like us to call you):

- Type of media: Art/Icons/FST/AMV/etc.

- Themes used: Only if themes are used

☀ Multiple pieces can be submitted in one email, or in several, whichever works for you. However, if there's more than one completed piece/set in a single email, please clearly indicate where sets begin and end to alleviate any confusion on the modly end. We appreciate your cooperation with this in advance.

☀ Collaborations are allowed; please be sure to include the usernames of both creators in the body of the email.

☀ Pieces should be completely finished and ready for posting.

☀ All works must be for the Hikaru no Go fandom (Crossovers and AUs are allowed as long as the submission features Hikaru no Go characters)

☀ Obviously there's no minimum word count here, but we have a few guidelines for certain types of media. The following list explains some of the ways we'll be deciding what constitutes the minimum requirements for a "completed" submission (note that anything requiring the submission of multiple components will be expected to follow some kind of theme- a character, a pairing, a color, SOMETHING that justifies them all being in the same set). Also note that everything listed is a MINIMUM- if you want to do a series of sketches or something under one fanart set, that's fine, just let us know which sets are which if there is more than one.:

Fanart: One piece
Icons/banners/wallpapers: One set of 5 images at minimum
Photosets: At least 5 images at minimum
Animated gifs (like you see on Tumblr- example here): One gif, unless the total animation BEFORE repetition is less than one second, in which case we ask for two gifs.
FST's: At least 10 songs, but not more than 15
AMV's: At minimum 30 seconds long

☀ If you want to do a type that isn't listed here and you're not sure about minimum requirements, go ahead and ask on this post. Comments will be screened.

FST's should be in a zip or rar file for easy downloading and uploaded to a site which makes you anonymous. This is the only submission type that won't be reuploaded by the mods.

☀ Of course, we also have to keep the limits of our host in mind. As per photobucket, acceptable file types for images are: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, and bmp. Animated gifs must be 5 MB or less AND 800 frames or less. Acceptable file types for videos are: 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, avi, divx, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg4, mpg4, mpeg, mpg, m4v, and wmv. Videos must be 500 MB or less AND 10 minutes or less.

☀ Creators can turn in up to five submissions. If you collaborate with someone, that piece will count as one submisison for each person involved.

☀ There will NOT be new optional themes provided this round. However, creators are free to use any theme that's been posted for any previous rounds, including the cliche round that's usually left out! We hope something inspires you!

☀ While there won't be any scoring of the themes, by all means, tell us if you used any. We're curious. ^_~

☀ Once the posting of the submissions is done, a list of participating creators will be posted, and guesses as to who made what will be accepted in a screened post

☀ The Guessing period will be open for one week, until August 11th, 9pm EST, and All Will Be Revealed as soon as possible after that

☀ Until the guessing period is over, creators should not reveal themselves, but are welcome to leave hints or accept guesses of their own

Final Note!
☀ If fewer than five creators turn in submissions, then the Guessing Period will be omitted, and submissions will be posted with the creators identified

Questions? Post them here, send a PM (Ver or Akichan), or email (Ver or Akichan)! Don't forget that [community profile] kifu_archive is around for flailing and support!

Thank you!! And happy creating!!

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From: [personal profile] qem_chibati
|o/ This sounds pretty exciting!


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