Jul. 27th, 2015

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The EXTREMELY belated reveals for Round 17: Author's Choice are finally here! We are terribly sorry about this, everyone. Your mods suck, what else can we say? (And also Ver has had a lot of shit going down IRL since the beginning of May and also has no regular internet, so she couldn't poke at Aki to post as frequently as she normally would have, and she has decided to finally just do it herself. Not that that's an excuse, but you know. XD) Anyway. We had 6 submissions by 6 authors.

[personal profile] mmmdraco

[personal profile] tuulentupa
Hikaru no Magic

[personal profile] qem_chibati
Knotted Desires Part 1/2

[personal profile] stalkerbunny
The Tale of Hikaru: The Arrival at Court

[personal profile] flonnebonne
An earnest wish, granted

[personal profile] meguri_aite
Step By Step

Best Guesser
Congratulations to [personal profile] tuulentupa! With 3 correct out of a possible 5 (60%)! (Since she was the 6th contributor) Honorable mention goes to [personal profile] stalkerbunny with a still admirable 1 correct out of a possible 5 guesses (20%).

ID Challenge
Three people guessed the ID's and all three got them correct- they were the word "five" in different languages. Congratulations to [personal profile] qem_chibati who got it first, and also [personal profile] tuulentupa and [personal profile] phnx who got it correct after that! Good job, guys!

Theme Challenge
There was no theme this round.

For this round, there will be some kind of graphic prize that Ver will figure out later, but probably a small banner. Winners should contact Ver through PM or email with the picture they would like used for their banner(s) attached (or at least an idea of which character is their favorite or something like that). Ver will get those out as soon as she can- luckily, she doesn't need internet to use photoshop. Congrats!

Once again a huge thank you to everyone for participating. We hope you all had fun. We again apologize for the bad job we've been doing the last few rounds. We're very sorry that we suck epically. That being said, we are about due for another round, but Ver is thinking it'll be a less formal one. So keep an eye out for that soon!

As a random aside, Ver would also like to know what everyone thinks about setting up BG partially in AO3- with everything still posted here, but also set up in AO3. Which would mean that things like reveals taking two months wouldn't happen, at least there. I'm told it's a lot easier to do those sorts of things. This is an informal poll- nothing has been decided AT ALL (or... ahem... really discussed...), it's just a thought that's been rattling around in Ver's head. Let us know your thoughts about it!


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